Uponor Infra Fintherm – manufacturer and supplier of pre-insulated pipes

Uponor Infra Fintherm is the largest Czech producer and supplier of pre-insulated pipes and accessories. Pre-insulated pipes are mainly used for underground and overhead heat, cold, condensate, hot water and other media distribution systems.

Uponor Infra Fintherm is a member of the international holding group Uponor Infra, which is a major supplier of underground distribution systems for heat, power, gas and air in Europe, North America and Asia.

Standard pre-insulated pipes from Uponor Infra Fintherm are primarily intended for district heating , though they are increasingly used for district cooling as well. Special pre-insulated systems, designed and tailored to specific requirements, form a class of their own, as their area of use is  onsiderably more extensive

Uponor Infra Fintherm offers its partners a wide-ranging portfolio of complementary services. In particular we offer stress analyses, pipe-laying plans, advisory services, training, electrical welding of joints and fitting of shrinkable and electrically weldable joints, pipe tapping, and pre-insulated piping leakage detection.

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