Kestäväkehitys - Maailmanlaajuista kehitystä, joka perustuu ympäristöystävällisyyteen, sosiaaliseen hyvinvointiin ja talouskasvuun.


Enriching life

Sustainability – the development and prosperity of the global community based on the combined pillars of environmental stewardship, social well-being and economic growth.

For Uponor, it is at the heart of

  • our vision that throughout the world, our solutions enrich people’s way of life
  • our core purpose of partnering with professionals to create better human environments

So to us, sustainability has been a vital factor in our way of working for many years. Uponor has become established as a leading contributor to a sustainable built environment, and we strive to grow profitably as a sustainable enterprise by developing innovative and responsible solutions that improve human environments whilst reducing environmental impact.

Our 2020 Vision for Uponor will see:
A strongly-developing sustainability culture in which sustainability is transparently linked to our values and is widely demonstrated by actions throughout our organisation, and which contributes to the profitable growth of our business.

Through our beliefs towards a sustainable future, we are committed to:

Strongly integrating sustainability into our corporate mindset
Driving down our environmental impact
Enriching life through our innovative solutions
Engaging external stakeholders in our sustainability journey