Innovative solutions

Sustainable solutions for the built environment

We believe in sustainable built environments for the future. Our indoor climate systems use less energy and improve air quality; our plumbing systems are efficient to install, and maintain the drinking water quality; our infrastructure systems provide secure networks for water distribution and drainage.

Water quality and efficiency - Uponor Fintherm


Water quality and efficiency

Water is one our most precious resources, and its protection and efficient use are major challenges.

Maintaining water quality and improving water savings are key requirements in our choice of materials, processing and design. Our plastic-based plumbing and wastewater systems and installation technologies are continually being developed to meet the most stringent requirements.


Energy efficiency - Uponor Fintherm

Energy efficiency

The energy performance of buildings plays a major role in curbing climate change. It is important to take sustainability aspects into consideration when planning or renovating buildings. These aspects include energy efficiency, efficient utilisation of renewable energy sources, and health, as well as overall environmental friendliness and lifecycle thinking.
We view sustainability as a holistic approach to project design that strives to create a balance between the building, its construction and the environment it occupies.