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Uponor as partner

Solutions, services and performance in every step of the project

The starting point of Uponor’s operations is to provide value to our customers and partners. We focus on long-term co-operation, providing a reliable partnership, and offering solutions that enable customers to thrive in their businesses. The ultimate goal is to partner with other professionals to create better human environments.

Uponor has long traditions and extensive knowhow as a plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure system supplier. But products are just one aspect of Uponor’s expertise. The real added value lies in the entire package: anticipating customer needs, helping customers achieve solutions that are ideal for their projects, and providing superior service.

Uponor's success depends on our professional partners’ success – that is why quality at Uponor comprises many different aspects: support, customer service, long-term reliability, and product quality, to name but a few. A true pioneer in the field of plastic and composite plumbing and radiant heating and cooling, the Uponor brand has become known as the name you can trust the world over. Designed, installed and operated properly, Uponor systems will serve as long as the structures they inhabit.

Uponor places great emphasis on educating and training plumbers and contractors in installing Uponor products in order to achieve trouble-free installations, whether in residential or commercial buildings or as a part of municipal infrastructure. Every year, more than 20,000 training days are arranged for key target groups, such as contractors, installers, developers, specifiers and real-estate owners.


We offer global experience, quality, knowledge and long lasting partnerships, from which you can benefit as our partner. When you need support, we are there for you – in all project phases from the initial idea through to hand-over, whether over the phone, in personal meetings or on site.


In construction projects, crucial decisions are made long before the first plans are drawn up. During the concept and planning phase we support investors, developers and construction service providers in starting on the right course by providing system solution alternatives. With the provision of preliminary estimates of investment and running costs, we can help create a reliable financial basis for the project. Our services include supporting the selection of trained and qualified designers, aiming to ensure high quality results. We also support effective marketing towards the end-users of the proposed building.


Proceeding from concept to construction, the design has to cope with all the details and complexity of modern construction techniques. In addition to specialised knowhow, efficient computer-based tools are essential for this task. Design professionals benefit from our training, design examples and design tools for heating and cooling, plumbing and infrastructure solutions.

Partnering with Uponor gives the customer technical support and consultancy on their individual project. We verify and ensure that the design is carried out effectively, which is especially important for investors, developers and construction service providers.


Construction is about translating plans into reality. Delivery, logistics, products and installation efficiency become essential. We are renowned worldwide for the quality and ease of installation of our products. Additionally, our installer training creates the basis for fast and reliable installations. For construction service providers we offer assistance in planning and coordination of delivery and logistics in order to eliminate problems during the construction process. We ensure the quality of the installation work throughout, with continuous technical support and final verification of the installation.

Buildings in use

At the end of construction, the utilisation of a building begins – a vital phase that includes final approval of the construction work, and lays the foundations for efficient operation and maintenance. At the commissioning stage, we support our partners in verifying the desired performance of our systems. Full and accurate final system documentation is always made available to the client. Our training enables building management professionals to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation. We offer support on our system's use, optimisation and eventual refurbishment – not just today and tomorrow but through the whole life cycle of a building.