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The markets we serve

Uponor offers innovative solutions for residential, commercial and industrial building projects as well as for civil engineering. We serve both the new build and the renovation markets. Our competitive strength is based on our wide geographical presence, deep knowledge of the industry, our long experience in serving customers in the heating, cooling and plumbing markets, as well as our ambition to fulfil customers’ exacting needs in a professional way.

Uponor’s network of professionals is extensive and geographically widespread, which ensures a service that is unparalleled in the industry and on which our customers can count. With committed employees and local presence and customer support in over 30 countries, we are at your service all over the world.

Uponor solutions can be obtained from leading distributors or delivered as turn-key projects.

Indoor climate

Invisible comfort - Indoor climate solutions

We offer a broad variety of integrated radiant heating, cooling and ventilation systems, which form the basis for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Our solutions help reduce energy consumption and enable the efficient use of renewable energy sources in the heating and cooling of buildings.


Reliability and premium quality - Plumbing solutions

Our plumbing solutions portfolio includes systems for a variety of needs, such as supplying drinking water or transporting heat to radiators. Uponor plumbing provides safe and easy connectivity and flexible design, together with multifunctional use, high tolerance of fluctuations in water quality, light weight and ease of installation.


Environmentally secure solutions – Infrastructure solutions

Our secure plastic solutions enable the environmentally-friendly handling of fresh and used water in urban and non-urban surroundings, also for future generations. Over their extended life cycle, our reliable and secure systems for the transportation and storage of clean water, rainwater and sewage help to reduce costs during installation and during their lifetime.

Partnering with Uponor

We offer global experience, quality, knowhow and long-lasting partnerships, which you can benefit from as our partner.

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