Suply chain

Making sure Uponor responds to customer needs

The objective of Uponor’s supply chain is to deliver high-quality products and systems to our customers in an efficient manner. Sourcing, planning, production, quality, warehousing and transportation are all links in a harmonised supply chain, intended to make sure that the products we offer will play a key part in systems that are installed to improve people’s way of life.

We are continuously developing our supply chain to be able to deliver products efficiently, on time, in full and safely to all our customers. Our production facilities are focussed and our leading position gives us critical mass; and these two factors give us a competitive advantage in our various technologies, adding a further dimension to the quality and value of our offering.

There is a long heritage of technological development and experience in our supply chain sites. The PEX-a Engel cross-linking production technology was developed in Virsbo, Sweden; the multilayer over-welded technology around Zella Mehlis, Germany. They are both world-leading pipe production facilities focussed in their respective technologies. Since 1965 we have also had plastic extrusion and injection moulding experience in Nastola, Finland.