Vision and strategy

Creating better human environments

Uponor’s core purpose is to partner with professionals to create better human environments. Whether in private, commercial or public areas, our products help create conditions in which people enjoy living and working. We partner with professionals and help build a more sustainable future. By working closely with building industry professionals, we want to give them more, to offer them something special – everything to help them do better and to succeed, whatever the project.

Throughout the world, our solutions enrich people’s way of life.

Uponor’s objective is to enrich people’s way of life by offering high-quality indoor climate, plumbing and infrastructure solutions that elevate living comfort to a new level, help save natural resources, and are energy-efficient and safe to operate.

As a leading brand in the industry, Uponor aims to sustain continuous profitable growth, and to strengthen its pre-eminent position in the key geographies.

Since 2003, Uponor’s strategy has focused on three core elements: growth, brand and operational excellence. The company has consistently focused its efforts on these core elements to secure a solid basis for profitable growth in the future.

One of Uponor’s strategic goals is to operate in those product segments and markets in which it can achieve a strong market position. The company’s business focus is on Europe and North America, but it also has operations in the Middle East and Asia.

The Uponor brand

Helping our customers create better human environments in a sustainable way is at the core of the Uponor brand. As standards and styles change, so do people’s expectations. We at Uponor want to be the trusted and reliable partner to whom people can turn to find the right services and products to satisfy those needs.

All this encapsulates what we mean by saying that Uponor is ‘simply more’.