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Pre-insulated pipes for hot water

Pre-insulated piping for the distribution of hot water and heating water consists of a carrier pipe made of plastic to prevent pipe corrosion and possible leakage of contaminants. When using plastic pre-insulated pipes, the temperature and pressure of the transported water are lower than in other systems.

There is a choice of two types of pre-insulated piping systems: systems where the pipes are supplied in bars, and flexible systems with the pipes supplied in coils. For flexible systems, where temperatures are lower and a low weight is required for installations demanding high flexibility, cross-linked polyethylene insulation may also be used, as well as polyurethane insulation.

Pre-insulated pipeline systems for hot water

Wehotek PPR

Wehotek PPR pre-insulated plastic pipes are used for underground and above-ground distribution of hot water and heating water. The pipes are manufactured from polypropylene (PP-R, type 3), insulated with hard polyurethane foam, and covered with polyethylene pipe casing or Spiro casing made of zinc-coated spiral-wound superimposed sheets. If requested by the customer, the outer casing may also be manufactured from stainless steel or aluminium spiral-wound superimposed sheets.

Pipe operating parameters:
The maximum operating overpressure is 0.6 MPa at an operating temperature of 70°C with a service life of 25 years.

Elipex - Uponor Fintherm

Elipex pre-insulated flexible pipes are utilised for local and district distribution of hot water and heating water. Supplied in coils, the key feature of Elipex pipes is their flexibility, which makes for quick and easy installation with a minimum number of joints.

The cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) carrier pipe, which is fitted with an EVOH oxygen barrier, is insulated with polyurethane foam blown with cyclopentane. The low-density polyethylene casing protects the polyurethane foam from the effects of the outside environment.

The pipes are manufactured and supplied in compliance with EN 15632 and EN 253 standards.

Pipe operating parameters:
The pipes are supplied in the standard dimension ratio (SDR) classes of 7.4 and 11. The maximum temperature of the transported medium is 95°C.

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