Uponor Akatemia

Design and advisory services

Designing pre-insulated pipelines

We offer our customers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of project documentation (structural analysis, pipe laying plans, advisory services, technical and accompanying reports) which we complement by direct on-site advice.

When designing a project, we make full use of the product documentation for all components of pre-insulated piping. In addition, working closely with our production technologist, we are able to tailor individual pre-insulated piping components to the project in hand to achieve improved resilience of the pre-insulated pipeline and facilitate its installation. The quality of our product documentation eliminates potential risks arising from unforeseen scenarios, saving costs and enabling you to invest your money cost-effectively.

We are one of only a few companies in the Czech Republic to offer and perform stress analyses and calculations for pre-insulated pipe systems using our fully licensed sisKMR software. Calculations performed with the software comply with EN 13941, EN 13480 and AGFW FW 401 standards.

With sisKMR software we effectively solve problems and guarantee the following, all in compliance with applicable norms:

  • Cold installation of pre-insulated pipes
  • Pre-heated installation of pre-insulated pipes
  • Pre-stressing of pre-insulated pipes, compensation and cushioning with expansion packs
  • Stress resistance of individual branches
  • Calculation-based solutions for problematic scenarios