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Individual training courses are custom-made to meet your needs and are available in the following categories:

For assembly workers

Training for pre-insulated piping assembly workers

Due to the fact that the service life of pre-insulated piping can be significantly reduced by improper installation, we place great emphasis on the training of pre-insulated piping assembly workers.

Pursuant to EN 13941+A1, the installation of pre-insulated piping and joints shall only be carried out by personnel trained for this technology with valid certification issued by the supplier of the piping system made by Uponor Infra Fintherm a.s. or an organization certifying personnel and installers in accordance with German regulations AGFW FW603 and FW605.

Uponor Infra Fintherm issues certificates for the installation of pre-insulated piping to confirm that workers have both theoretical and practical knowledge of assembly with the validity of two years. Installers shall document their professional competence for the installation of pre-insulated pipes with a valid plastic ID card with their photographs which they will present upon the request of a supervisor.

The assembly workers shall obtain by training theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:

  • occupational safety and waste management during assembly,
  • handling and storage of pre-insulated pipes
  • installation of shrinkable or electrical joints and end sealings
  • covering pre-insulated piping by expansion pads
  • filling of joints with PUR foam
  • connection of detection systems for fault detection.
For technical supervisors

Training for the technical supervisors of pre-insulated piping installation

Like any other construction work, it is also true for pre-insulated piping that its expected service life depends on professional and qualified assembly. Therefore, we arrange training for technical supervisors to ensure proper supervision of the quality assembly of pre-insulated piping.

By training technical supervisors in compliance with the process technology our company tries to minimize potential risks and damage that may arise from the failure to observe processes and perform the assembly of joints in accordance with the surrounding conditions.

The technical supervisors are familiarized with installation procedures, the inspection of the actual installation of pre-insulated piping and they are also prepared for dealing with troublesome situations.

For designers

Training for designers of pre-insulated piping

Training for designers is focused on providing information about the products and their use, technical solutions and the design of pipelines, including examples and recommendations for designing and optimizing the purchase and installation of pre-insulated piping.

For investors

Training for investors, heating plants and operators of pre-insulated piping

We organize regular product trainings on various occasions to help investors, operators of heating plants and pre-insulated pipes in technical decisions to increase the satisfaction of their customers with heat supply.

Product trainings are tailored to meet the requirements of investors, heating plants and operators of pre-insulated piping. The following issues have been presented during product trainings:

  • Effects of insulation class on heat loss
  • Measurement of heat loss of pre-insulated piping
  • Wehotherm Twins pre-insulated piping
  • Joint types of pre-insulated piping
  • Leak detection systems for pre-insulated piping
  • Options of flexible pre-insulated piping
  • News and changes in the product portfolio of Uponor Infra Fintherm, etc.