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Uponor Infra Fintherm helps cities and communities find solutions to their overall strategy of district heating and cooling. We are involved from the planning stage, through the design and technical support, to implementation itself.

Uponor Infra Fintherm solutions for district warm and hot water distribution networks usually consist of pre-insulated steel pipes that transport heat from centralised resources (heating plants, power stations, heat-only boiler stations, incineration plants, biogas plants, etc.) to local distribution points, while keeping heat loss to a minimum.

When used with these resources in cities or communities, pre-insulated pipes can also carry chilled water for cooling, drinking water, hot water or waste water. The insulation in pre-insulated pipes in conjunction with heating cables offers highly effective protection against freezing for tap and waste water in shallow-buried pipes or in pipelines installed on bridges.

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More than twenty years of tradition in the producing of pre-insulated pipes

During its history of more than  twenty years,  the company Uponor Infra Fintherm produced pre-insulated pipes and fittings with a total length of over 5300 km. Fintherm company grew up  to become large supplier forthe Prague heating plant,  and, the company began to expand into other foreign countries over the years,currently exporting  more than a third of the total production.

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