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Energy saving with Uponor industrial underfloor heating systems

Industrial manufacturing is an area with a high demand for cost-effectiveness, safety, eco-friendliness, and quick installation with minimal disruption to operations. Uponor Infra Fintherm standard pre-insulated pipe systems meet all these requirements thanks to their effectiveness and variety of uses. Pre-insulated pipe systems, with carrier pipes made of diverse materials, are suitable for hot water and heating water distribution networks, as well as for condensate transportation, cooling systems, and drinking water and waste water networks.

Transportation of industrial media is technically challenging and requires the use of special pre-insulated pipes that are custom-made to meet the specific requirements of the transported medium and the surrounding environment of the industrial application. Special pre-insulated pipe systems can transport industrial media ranging in temperature from -196°C to 142°C – thanks to the thermal resistance of polyurethane insulation foam, the insulation properties of which make it possible to transport media over long distances with minimal heat loss.

Industrial applications are also an area where the capability to identify and easily locate any leakage of the medium with the help of detection wires installed in the PUR insulation is much appreciated. For some industrial applications we can fit pre-insulated pipes with protective conduits which accommodate heating cables to heat the flowing media to the required viscosity or protect them from freezing.

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Heating plants, cogeneration plants and heat-only boiler stations

Uponor Infra Fintherm solutions for district warm and hot water distribution networks usually consist of pre-insulated steel pipes that transport heat from centralised resources (heating plants, cogeneration plants and heat-only boiler stations) to local distribution points, while keeping heat loss to a minimum.

When used with these resources, pre-insulated pipes can carry not only surplus heat, but also chilled water for cooling, drinking water, hot water or waste water.

Distribution networks composed of pre-insulated pipes save considerable amounts of energy, which not only translates to favourable heat prices but also reduce energy demands on heat resources (reduced consumption of fossil fuels and renewable resources, and reduced emissions, etc.).

More than twenty years of tradition in the producing of pre-insulated pipes

During its history of more than  twenty years,  the company Uponor Infra Fintherm produced pre-insulated pipes and fittings with a total length of over 5300 km. Fintherm company grew up  to become large supplier forthe Prague heating plant,  and, the company began to expand into other foreign countries over the years,currently exporting  more than a third of the total production.

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